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Pros and Cons of PPT and Google Slides: Can Kroma Support Both?

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Kroma can be used in more than one way and on more than one platform. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of two heavy hitters in the presentation realm!

PowerPoint Pros & Cons


PowerPoint is easy to download, it is also considered industry standard, which means several corporations offer a discount for the suite to use at work and at home.

The customization options are nearly limitless! PowerPoint can handle third party data, fonts, images, videos and gifs.


One downfall of the large amounts of customizations is that it is easy to overdesign your slides! More is not better in this case. No matter what, avoid the urge to pack each page full of sounds, videos and data points. Overwhelming the audience won’t make you memorable (or it will, but not in a good way) so keep it simple so you can get funded.

Another negative for PowerPoint is the learning curve. With so many options and abilities it is easy to have paralysis by analysis!

“The primary disadvantage is that it takes time to learn how to use this software.” (Brandon Gaille)

Pros & Cons of Google Slides (the new kid on the block)


Google has made big strides in the office suite world, docs, sheets and now slides! Google Slides’ largest advantage is the fact that it is a web based platform. That means no software downloads, auto-save abilities and easy sharing capabilities.

The cross platform availability spans most technology, from Mac to Chromebook to Windows! When you get to work on your slides you will also notice how simple it is to embed animations, video and photos.


Even though Google Slides is on an upswing there are still limitations that can be a big con in choosing the right platform for you. Google Slides has several limitations like themes, transitions and exporting.

According to Art of Presentation “Animations and transitions often make a presentation a little engaging especially when used appropriately. While Google Slides does provide a few animations and transitions, the options are very basic.”

Can Kroma Pitch Templates be Used on Both PPT and Google Slides?

Short answer, YES! Kroma is compatible with PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote.

Kroma uses expert-driven templates you can easily update with your personal brand colors, imagery and logo. Make sure you check out how to brand our templates and maximize your customization

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to add an image on both platforms!


We recommend you have PowerPoint downloaded on your computer to get started with Kroma templates!

  • Insert
  • Pictures
  • This Device
  • Choose Image

And your slide is updated with a new image! You can then choose the size and adjust from there.

Google Slides:

It is super easy to upload Kroma templates to Google Slides. Just download the template, drag and drop in the Upload section and BOOM! Done.

Once your template is open we can now insert our images!

  • Insert
  • Image
  • Upload from Computer
  • Choose Image

And there you have it! What title would you choose?

Going back to the Art of Presentation “Google Slides and PowerPoint both come with strong advantages. PowerPoint with its vast clientele is more convenient to use in different situations. Its refined looks and various effects offer scopes for tasteful slide making.

On the other hand, Google Slides is quickly climbing the popularity ladder with its easy to use innovative features. One such feature is the Q and A feature that allows for the presenter and audience to interact in a live meeting.”

Whichever you prefer, Kroma templates will work for you and your team to make stunning presentations.

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