What You Need to Pitch Investors

You don’t need the most. You need the best. Find and download the perfect slide presentation template for your investor pitch, designed by experts, with content you won’t find anywhere else. Just plug, play and present.

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Pitch like a pro

We’ve got your back. If you’re presenting data, writing proposals, or just need a better way to present an idea – look no further. No designer? No need!

Pitching to Investors

Pitching to Investors

Kroma.ai helps startups create  persuasive pitches. Instead of zipping between investor meetings for months (and losing your hair from the stress), you can use our platform to pitch like a pro.

Let’s get you funded

Presenting Ideas

Presenting Ideas

Kroma.ai helps big thinkers showcase your ideas with smart templates, AI features, and expert content so your ideas land. It’s Automated Inspiration that transforms your idea into something tangible.

Put your idea into the world

Presenting Data

Presenting Data

Use Kroma.ai’s machine learning to amp up your data with less hands-on time. It’s Automated Inspiration that breathes life into your flat sheets of data.

Inform your team fast

Proposing B2B Services

Proposing B2B Services

Kroma.ai helps B2B providers just like you persuade potential clients faster. Land more accounts, spend less time in contract limbo, and get your time back with proposals that are designed to win.

Onboard more B2B clients

Why Kroma - Pitching to Investors
Pitching to Investors
Why Kroma - Presenting Ideas
Presenting Ideas
Why Kroma - Presenting Data
Presenting Data
Why Kroma - Proposing B2B Services
B2B Proposals

Create eye-catching charts and graphs in minutes

No graphic designer? No problem. Grab a data visualization element that you love, plug in your data, brand it, and you’re off to the races.

Data Visualizations

Slide Presentation Templates That Win Pitches

Don’t waste time nudging boxes in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. Our slide presentation templates and data visualizations are design and built by experts and trusted by startup founders and scores of others who want to pitch, propose, and present with confidence.

Intelligent presentation tools, proven to win

Data visualization made simple

Whether you’re pitching investors, sharing bold ideas with your team, or presenting to a client, there’s a lot at stake. Kroma.ai includes baked-in presentation tools like data visualizations, multi-slide decks with a content flow that works plus and GRAB & GO content like HR policies and other goodies that you can quickly make your own. Stay focused on presenting your big idea. Leave the finicky, tedious template stuff to us.

GRAB & GO creative assets

Who has the time to start a presentation from scratch? Stop worrying about finding and buying stock images and video. We’ve got everything that you need right here. Browse our 1 million plus creative assets and thousands of data visualization elements, slides, infographic templates and more.

Grab & Go Content

Data Presentation Tools

Data Visualization

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