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Proposing B2B services2021-06-02T12:29:31-04:00


Speed up the B2B sales cycle

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B2B buyers need to be sold

Maybe you’re a solopreneur – or maybe not. Either way, you’ve got to impress someone enough that they’re going to hire you or pay for something that you want. The first step? You’ve got to convince them. What better way to win someone over than with an expertly crafted, professional, glossy proposal? Our templates are designed for the WIN.

Send snappy, persuasive proposals

Encourage B2B clients to respond faster to a professional proposal than something you cobbled together late one night over one-too-many iced coffees.

machine learning

Build a pitch deck so good that your B2B buyers can’t wait to hire you.

Presenting Ideas

Use the power of Kroma.ai to design proposals so beautiful that people will think you hired a big-shot designer. But you didn’t …

The stats don’t lie

Access thousands of expert-build proposal and presentation templates to show off your best side to B2B prospects. Get funded faster, present higher quality proposals, save time, and take over your corner of the world. We’ve got your back.

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Suzy Web Time Saver!

An excellent deal. I’ve downloaded and adapted a slide set for a webinar scheduled for next week. Done it in 10 minutes! Saved a bunch of time and looks awesome.
Suzy Web Speaker / Consultant
Michelle The best thing for my biz

I love it. I have downloaded heaps of templates. Anyone who does presentations, I would recommend it wholeheartedly.
Michelle Manager
Dianna Sadlouskos I save so much time by having access to thousands of high-quality presentation templates and tools. The quality, diversity, and usability of presentation templates allow me to move quickly. Dianna Sadlouskos Management Consultant, Deloitte

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How can Kroma.ai speed up the B2B sales cycle?2020-10-22T17:15:24-04:00

We know B2B sales can drag on for what seems like forever. We’re confident that our expert-vetted client proposal decks will help you speed up client response times, win over clients without weeks of deliberation, and even improve your close rates. It comes down to professional templates, pro-level graphics, and crisp images and video put together by an expert team.

Why do B2B companies love Kroma templates?2021-07-21T12:35:07-04:00

How many hours have you spent slaving away at a client proposal deck, only to trash it and keep starting over? We’ve been there. B2B companies love Kroma.ai’s templates because our templates do the work for you. They’re polished and customizable so you can simply drop in your branding, adjust the copy and numbers, and bam –  you’ve got client-worthy presentations.

How does Kroma.ai save me time?2020-10-22T17:15:41-04:00

Time’s the only thing you can’t get more of, and that’s why B2B salespeople tap into Kroma.ai. Instead of sourcing your images, videos, and data visualizations from all over the web, we pull everything into one platform for you. Plus, our ready-to-go templates mean you spend less time fiddling with fonts and more time winning contracts.

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