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The Best Slide Presentation Branding Secrets

Want to Make Updating Backgrounds and Logos in PowerPoint Easy?

Everyone struggles with creating the perfect presentation at some point in their career or life. Whether you’re a startup founder working on the perfect pitch to investors, or you need to create a presentation to pitch your new idea to leadership, or your boss requests a slide deck detailing the performance of your recent marketing campaign. Everyone has wasted hours looking at a blank title slide not knowing what to do next.

Whether you work for a team that has branded PowerPoint decks ready to go, or you’re an entrepreneur starting out for the first time, this guide will help you with even the small things like changing a slide background or adding your logo to a pitch deck.

Upload Images to PowerPoint with Ease

This guide contains presentation decks downloaded directly from our This presentation deck is from our Grab and Go content selection. Let’s see how simple it is to personalize this with custom images to update the look and feel.

First, when you launch any PowerPoint template from Kroma, remember to hit Enable Editing.

Woman holding laptop with slide presentation deck

Here’s how to update your slide presentation deck theme with a custom brand logo:

  1. First, select and delete the current logo by finding the “Insert” menu item in the navigation.
  2. Go to Insert > Pictures > This Device.
  3. Find the image you are wanting to use in your slide presentation deck, choose it, and insert it.

PowerPoint change image in slide presentation

Next, resize the image.

Pro Tip:
One useful PowerPoint trick is removing the background of your image. These colors will really pop against the black in our example.

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Here’s how to remove the background from an image you insert in PowerPoint:

Go to “Format” in the PPT Menu. You will see ‘Remove Background’ all the way to the left, just click it and watch the magic happen!

PowerPoint menu while changing an image in a slide presentation

Slide presentation thumbnail

Now that you’ve done it, simply repeat these steps in any other presentation deck where you need to replace the deck’s logo for your own.

Update the Background Image in PowerPoint Presentations Quickly

Now we will download another deck, this time with very colorful slides. We pulled this from one of our featured Kroma decks in our library.

Slide presentation deck template with vibrant images

Again, make sure you’ve enabled editing. Changing the background image is very straightforward. In this example, let’s pretend that we don’t want Nana in the presentation. There are two ways we can do that. First, at the top select Design and hover over the theme options.

Choosing a slide presentation template in PowerPoint

When you find a background theme you like, just select it. All of your slides will now have your new theme applied.

Powerpoint slide presentation template slides

You can change your PowerPoint background even further by heading to the top right and choosing ‘Format Background’. This will bring up a whole new set of options for you. You can make the background a solid color, a gradient, and even upload a photo.

PowerPoint slide presentation background format

Now insert your image

slide presentation template first slide

You now have a few tips and tricks to make your slides work for you. Logos and background colors can shift and change to represent you or your company and will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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