About Kroma.ai

Our Mission

Kroma.ai is our new brand, our new name, and the DNA for what we are becoming. Kroma.ai means having the freedom to pursue big dreams, chase your goals intensively, and—most importantly—standing out. In a sea of gray, Kroma.ai is a shining beacon of purple SaaS sass.

We’re not only about colors and design, but impact. After surveying the landscape, we’ve found that a few billion knowledge workers across the world need help communicating what’s in their heads. Whether you have team members, investors, or clients across the globe, you need to inspire and activate others.

So, what is a company with thousands of customers and a powerful legacy of monetizing templates and content to do? We’re planting a flag in the ground and saying who we want to be, and who we’re for.

While the rest of the industry is focused on pretty slides that take eons to create or “disrupting PowerPoint,” we decided to be different. Kroma.ai is an expert-inspired, AI-powered, visual platform for professionals who want to accelerate their impact.

Because of that, it made sense to revamp our entire brand, including our product. A new, soon-to-be-released product and design system is coming down the pipeline from Kroma.ai. Our mission is to build a platform that works for you: persuade, share, and win with Kroma.ai. We’re in your corner.

Our Why

Kroma.ai helps startup founders find the resources you need for successful pitches. We help solopreneurs, side hustlers, and small business owners compete with (and win against) the 800-pound gorilla in your market. Kroma.ai gives professionals like you the confidence needed to stand confidently in front of your peers when you share big ideas.

Our Investors

Kroma.ai’s investors include early investors in Looker (now Google), CEOs of profitable startups, the MD/President at Silicon Valley Bank, an MD from the Boston Consulting Group who works with Bill & Melinda Gates, and the dynamic duo of Promise Phelon of Growth Warrior and Steven Nicks, who led our transformation from SlideShop to Kroma.ai.

Press Kit

Want to see what we’re doing? Learn more about Automated Inspiration and our presentation experts at info@kroma.ai.

Kroma in the News

Kroma.ai is making a splash on the news waves. (We’re kind of a big deal.)

We are actually saving our customers time and making them more money

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