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20 Million+ Stunning Stock Photos & Videos = Unlocked

We just leveled up your presentation game by partnering with Shutterstock. You’re welcome

Shutterstock is the largest resource for stock photos, videos and even music available online. Founded in 2003, Shutterstock is your gateway to the most talented content contributors on the planet. With the highest quality, authentic visuals around, Shutterstock is a powerhouse in the industry and we’re so excited to bring this incredible tool to the users at Kroma.

Here at Kroma, we know the future of work is visual. That’s why we decided to level up our massive library of presentation tools, data visualizations and grab & go content with an insanely awesome library of stock photography & videos.

We didn’t just pick anyone to partner with – we picked Shutterstock because they are the best in the business.

As a Kroma user, you’ll be telling stories with your data leveraging imagery to support your ideas and take a pitch to an instant sale.

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Kroma is the only player in the game with this many images available to its customers

Now you can access a library of over 20 million+ stock photos & videos directly from Shutterstock’s library simply for being a Kroma Premium or Super Premium user. Just download the images you want to use and plug into your favorite Kroma template.

From humble beginnings to the visual powerhouse it is today, Shutterstock started with an $800 investment in a camera. Founder, Jon Oringer, went out and took his own stock photos. He knew the future would be a visual one and sought to fill that gap in the industry himself! With just 30,000 photos to begin with Shutterstock launched.

Now, Shutterstock brings on the best & most talented photographers worldwide to build their incredible library of visually stunning images.

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Shutterstock + Kroma = The Perfect Match

“We are thrilled to partner with Kroma to give their customers direct access to high-quality images and videos, right from their platform,” said Alex Reynolds, Vice President of Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. “With this access, it’s our goal to help Kroma customers create stunning presentations quickly, and ultimately increase engagement and business performance.”

You know that feeling you get when you have the perfect pairing of wine and cheese? Kroma and Shutterstock are kinda like that, (we’ll let you choose who is the wine and who is the cheese).

With over 20 million (that’s an m followed by an illion) images, paired with our 100,000 presentation templates, you can convey your message without words, keep your audience engaged and convince them at a glance that you’ve got this in the bag! Best-in-class data visualization makes sure you stay top of mind, Kroma has over 20k happy customers, and if we may flex a little, we know you will be one of them.

Not convinced? Here’s a little food for thought…

Eye Candy = Memorable Presentations & Proposals

Memories are mostly created through association. The sights and sounds around your presentation will impact your audience and create a memory, associating you with the vivid, high quality images, visually stunning data and well thought out ideas!

Eye candy is for real. Photos and videos have the power to create strong connections and prompt certain emotions that will increase your memorability. While Shutterstock draws them in, Kroma will keep your information streamlined for easy understanding & instant head nods around the room. Humans love aesthetically pleasing visuals, leave them wanting more sweet, sweet data and avoid leaving a sour taste behind. 

Don’t be a stock photo cliche

No one wants to simply watch a presentation – they want to be immersed in it. Nothing is more distracting than realizing the presenter is using a cliched Canva template (the ones you can spot a mile away).

When it comes to clear and precise knowledge sharing, we not only have one leg up on other services, we have ALL the legs up. Who wants to spend countless hours manually typing data into a template when you can link it directly to Excel data for an instant presentation? Our done-for-you presentations & proposals save you time so you spend more time on what truly matters.

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Cliche stock photos are a fail. Shutterstock always has their finger on the pulse by continuously refreshing their content and staying on top of visual trends. The chances of someone recognizing your photo or video are slim to none.

Level up leveraging Shutterstock’s authentic & stunning stock photography combined with Kroma’s expert templates today.

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Let us take the ‘resent’ out of ‘presentation’.

With Kroma, your presentations work harder – by linking directly to your excel data file, your decks transform from stale & dated to instantly refreshable with new learnings. Now, you can tell a compelling story with the use of visually stunning and authentic photos and videos from Shutterstock.

Be Memorable

Presenting your ideas, selling your products or pitching your services is not going anywhere. By using your secret weapon, Kroma, your decks will leave an impression with your investors, leadership team or potential clients.

We already have a huge library of shareable content, containing over 100,000 templates with more than half a million downloads! Be one of the 22,000 subscribers that trusts Kroma to help bring their stories to life.

We just LEVELED UP. Why? We do it for you.

Download with confidence, plug in your assets and pitch perfect every time.

Kroma will help you get your promotion, seed money or level up your existing business! Command attention and trust in yourself. With Kroma combined with our amazing Shutterstock partnership, you’ll be saying “Imposter syndrome, WHO?”

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