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Presenting Data2023-05-02T13:34:25-04:00


Present your data effectively and effortlessly

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You’ve got a glut of data on your hands. We’ll help you prove ROI with data visualizations by turning your numbers into something beautiful and compelling.

Stop struggling with numbers, figures, and charts, and start storytelling

Data is precious today in every organization, including yours. With so much data floating around, making sense of it, let alone communicating it to others, is a daily challenge. It’s increasingly hard to turn data into something visual that people just “get.” Kroma.ai data visualization templates take the headache out of visual storytelling and put the power into your hands.

Breathe life into numbers

Numbers are just that – numbers. Unless you do something with them. You need cool charts, cool visuals and other goodies that go beyond the – yawn – pie chart. Been there, used that a thousand times – a decade ago. It’s time for something fresh and awesome.

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations don’t have to be complicated. Plug and play. Input data. Swap colors. Add your logo. DONE!

The stats don’t lie

Most people are visual learners. That means you need pictures and graphs to tell a story. Maybe you’re one of those people that eyeball a spreadsheet and figure it out. If you’re not—and if you’re presenting to someone who prefers things a little more visual and colorful—then we’ve got you covered. Kroma.ai makes it easier than ever to prove ROI with data visualizations. Download one of our templates, input your data, and start communicating your impact.

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How does Kroma.ai turn data into useful insights?2020-10-22T17:15:24-04:00

You know those Microsoft Excel sheets and other third-party data clogging your inbox? Our platform integrates with your third-party data and transforms it into actionable, easy-on-the-eyes data visualizations. Instead of overwhelming your audience with a wall of numbers, show them a clean, simple graphic that tells the right story.

How does Kroma help me create a data-powered presentation?2021-07-21T12:43:47-04:00

If you have a lot of data, that means you’re manually pulling numbers and it’s taking for-e-ver. Between expertly-designed infographics and stream-lined creative assets, our templates will allow your numbers to stand out and tell the story you want to tell.

Why do I need data visualizations?2020-10-22T17:15:41-04:00

Nobody wants to see a PowerPoint slide full of numbers. That’s the best way to scare off your audience. Instead, use a data visualization: this infographic-style visual helps you consolidate data into high-level takeaways that people need to make decisions on your data. Put simply, a data visualization helps people connect the dots faster and actually pay attention to your presentation.

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