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4 Tips on Closing Sales Before the End of the Quarter

Sales Tips for Finishing Every Quarter Like Your Best Quarter

The end of quarter crunch is here. You know those sales aren’t going to close themselves. While knowing your product well and talking about it in a compelling way will get you far, here are even better tips to make you extra dangerous in your next sales pitch.

“In the pitch deck and when presenting, start off strong. You are likely presenting to an audience of influencers and decision makers, most of whom have sat through dreadfully boring presentations before and are not expecting your presentation to be any different.” Gain more insight in impactful pitches by reading The Consulting Pitch: How to Sell & Close the Right Customers

1. Don’t Just Push Your Product

You’ve done your research. You know your product better than anyone in your company. You feel confident you can answer any questions a prospect may have. Those are important traits, but if you make the sale all about you and your service you run the risk of alienating your client. Here is a rapid fire checklist.

  • Does your product fit your customers’ needs?
  • Are you making people feel good about buying?
  • Are you providing customers with a solution?

Identifying their problems and explaining how you can help will clinch the deal better than pushing products they don’t need. Think about Michael Scott from The Office, the moments he was a great salesman he always made it about the prospective client. He bonded and fostered relationships. He was a goof, sure, but a great closer!

2. Use Your Resources

You’ve got someone on the edge. Now you need a little extra oomph to close the deal. Lean on the people around you. Too often we are taught that our coworkers are our enemies, and it’s all about the competition. We’re here to tell you that when your team does well, the company does well and the bosses will be happy.

  • Utilize the knowledge of your leads
  • Schedule a meeting with your boss
  • Take it to the next level, the Executive level

“Another solid approach is to have your executives contact your prospect executives. By doing this, you will effectively allow you to get a sense of what can, and cannot, be done by the quarter’s end. Let your executive be a persuasive resource – take advantage.” (BiznessApps)

If you need help talking to your boss, we recommend checking out this blog post (link to the tips to talking to your boss)

3. Don’t Stay too Attached

There will always be prospects you really like, but deep down you know they aren’t going to buy. They do just enough to make you think you can get ‘em, but like a crafty fish they slip from the hook and ate the bait. Cut them loose.

Speaking of attachments, the sales world can be on the unforgiving side. Read more sales tips here

4. Name Drop with Key Phrases

There are some phrases that will help you earn the sale, the key to these is to be forward yet patience with your prospect. Don’t be afraid to ask! Here are a few of our favorites from

  • “It seems like Kroma will be a good investment for your company. What are your thoughts?”
  • “Why don’t you give us a try?”
  • “If visual impact is your priority for next quarter, Kroma will be a great investment for you to meet your goals.”

Read more closing phrases and how they are effective here

Don’t forget about your online resources, Kroma has everything you need to present data in a clean and impactful way. The easier you make it for the customer the more likely you are to close your sale.

Remember, coffee is for closers, so earn that steaming cup of java by implementing these tips.

And with that I will leave you with a quote, hopefully you can draw some inspiration from it, and if not, at least it’s funny.

“The most sacred thing I do is care and provide for my workers, my family. I give them money. I give them food. Not directly, but through the money.”

– Michael Scott

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