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5 Powerpoint Templates for Your “Bag of Tricks” (and how to use them)

Whether you’ve been making PowerPoints professionally for decades or you haven’t made one since high school – there are so many ways to harness PowerPoint as a way to propel your idea, your business, and your career. 

From Pitch Decks to Business Goals Presentations, here are five PowerPoint templates to have in your “bag of tricks.” Plus, we’ll share tips on how to use them most effectively. 

5 PPT Templates for Your “Bag of Tricks”

1. PowerPoint Roadmap

Product Roadmap graphic

Transparency is crucial in any business. A roadmap presentation will make your purpose, progress, and overall mission clear to clients, team members, and whoever you’re working with. It’s not only about showing what you’ve done and where you want to go – but it also shows your “why.” The best roadmap presentations tell a story with visual elements and integrate metrics. Remember, numbers tell a story!

How to use a Roadmap Presentation: Internally, an effective roadmap presentation can be a motivator and unifying tool for a team. As the name suggests, it’s a “map” for your team, which can serve as guidance as obstacles inevitably come up. We recommend thinking of your roadmap as a constantly evolving presentation that changes as your team/ company changes. 

Tip: Make sure it’s easily accessible for all those who need it. 

2.  Pitch Decks

Side Hustle Visionary Pitch graphic

Investors are a part of business, which means an effective pitch deck is not optional – it’s mandatory. Your pitch deck needs to be clear and concise while telling a bigger story about your business plan that is as compelling as it is informative. We know that’s a tall order! That said, according to Forbes, the average pitch deck has 19 slides. (Think: Less is more.)

Here are some elements ever pitch deck should include:

  • Your company logo/name
  • Show the problem that needs your solution 
  • Acknowledge the competition
  • Include your target audience
  • Financials
  • Team members – show off your personality!

Also, make sure there are no grammar and spelling errors. Trust us, this doesn’t go without saying – it’s definitely something to prioritize during final checks. 

How to use a Pitch Deck: Investor meetings are an obvious purpose for pitch decks. But they can also be used in internal meetings as a way to remember the core purpose and goals of your team. 

3. Quarterly Earnings Reports

Front cover of the Digital Marketing Quarterly Report

While public companies have to disclose financial information to the public, private companies do not. Still, whether or not you’re a public company, quarter reports are an important way to track your finances (income statements, balance sheets, etc).

How to use Quarterly Earnings Report Presentations: If you’re private, these reports will help guide you and track your progress and give you a rough estimate of how to predict future months. On the other hand, publicly they’re used to not only show how both an individual business is doing and how a general industry is doing. 

4. Strategy Proposals

Strategy proposal diagram

A good proposal is the key to a good end result. If you’re pitching a new marketing strategy, a new internal practice, or a strategy to an external client- it all begins with a proposal. To put yourself in the best position to get a “yes” – make sure your presentation is solid. That means, it’s clear and visually compelling while outlining the purpose of your pitch. 

How to use Strategy Proposal Presentations: Use proposals in meetings internally or with external clients to demonstrate how your strategy can – and will – make a positive impact. 

5. Business Goals

graphic for a mission to win the world

Your team has big goals and clear objectives – both of which are the force of your business. Yet a recent study found that 26% of employees have a very clear understanding of how their work relates to their company’s goals. And only 16% said their company is very effective at setting and communicating goals. Embrace a Business Goals Presentation to make sure your team is connected to a bigger purpose and empowered to do their best work. 

How to use a Business Goals Presentation: This is an effective way to visually show your team why their work matters. Use them at staff meetings, annual reviews, and other team bonding events. 

Final Thoughts

Making a presentation is one thing. Making a high-quality, impactful presentation is another. But we know it takes time and effort to make a polished deck that will impress clients, your team, or investors – especially when you’re presenting a lot: roadmaps, end of year reports, strategy proposals, the list goes on and on. That’s why we’re here – to help you make the most of your time without sacrificing a stellar presentation. 

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