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Why B2B Customers Love Kroma: Sales, Marketing, and Strategy

If you’re looking to pitch a product, service, or idea to a B2B company – you know you need to be prepared with a high-quality presentation that stands out. But that’s easier said than done! Between fonts and graphics, formatting and colors – there are so many details that go into each and every slide. Not to mention, all the storytelling that goes into turning your work into a client-worthy presentation. 

At Kroma, we’re here to take some of the work off your unending to-do list with PowerPoint templates that are made by design experts and entrepreneurs so your presentation is the best of the best. 

What is the Meaning of B2B?

B2B literally translates into “business to business.” This means, rather than selling to individuals, B2B companies are selling to fellow businesses. Some examples of B2B companies include MailChimp, Hootsuite, and Slack.

B2B vs. B2C: Marketing and Sales Strategies

While B2B companies provide services or products to other businesses –  B2C (“business to consumer”) companies sell to individual consumers. Most of what we buy day-to-day like food, clothing, and gas are products from B2C companies.

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Each is a very distinct model that not only serves different needs but also requires different marketing and sales strategies. According to Forbes, the focus of B2B marketing is long-term relationships that drive business growth. Additionally, it’s important for the marketing to be authoritative and show that the business is an expert in its niche.  Buyers are generally highly prepared and well-versed, so it’s critical for B2B companies to be in-depth and accurate whether it’s a tweet, blog post, or PowerPoint presentation. 

That said, there are overlapping strategies that can absolutely work for B2C and B2B companies. Testimonials, reviews, and case studies are very important for both. Similarly, SEO is crucial for brand visibility – along with a customer referral system and potentially even influencer marketing campaigns. 

How do Kroma Templates Help Business-to-Business Companies?

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Whether you’re a solopreneur or a part of a team, Kroma templates and Expert Decks are huge assets for anyone seeking business with B2B companies. We know you need polished presentations to get the clients you want – and that’s what we do best.

1. Compelling Infographics & Data Visualizations

Studies show that at least 65 percent of the population is visual learners. Our expertly designed data visualizations and infographics will help tell your story in a way that’s engaging and understandable by turning your numbers into compelling visualizations.

2. High Quality Videos & Photographs

Our library is stocked with thousands of high-quality videos and photographs from Shutterstock that will breathe life and energy into your slides.

3. Seamless Collaboration

Share your slides with your team members for effortless collaboration, no matter if your colleagues are in the same room – or a different country.

4. Simple Customization  

Simply drop your logo and adjust the colors to make each presentation feel like it was made just for your brand.

The Results: Better Time Management & Client-Worthy Presentations

When you’re a busy entrepreneur who has a to-do list that never stops – building a professional, client-worthy presentation can take up time that you don’t have. Our PowerPoint templates are designed to showcase your work professionally and take away the burden of having to build slides from scratch. 

Less time building each and every slide from a blank canvas will give you more time to work on your business, your pitch, and your story. 

BONUS: 3 Tips to Strategize B2B Lead Generation

While you’re here, these are some crucial B2B sales leads that will help you get more connections and potential future customers.

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1. Build Relationships 

Yes, we know that may sound cheesy – but it’s true. Build your network through conversations about what you do and why you do it. Your friends and friends of friends are often your biggest allies. 

Joining social media groups and engaging in conversations via LinkedIn are ways to engage remotely – take advantage of them.

2. Attend Industry Events

Remote/digital events have made it easier and more approachable to attend industry events. If you can attend them – we highly recommend it.

3. Invest in Your Current Customers

Your current customers have the power to make or break future customers. While we know it’s tempting to constantly look forward, don’t forget about who you’re working with now – their trust could lead you to other customers like them.

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