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Social Media Report Essentials: Key Reporting Slides

Social media is still one of the most effective marketing channels available—if you take the time to track and measure results.

We caught up with SlideShop’s Community Manager, Caitlin Pellas, to discover which reporting slides might be most useful when presenting a social media report to your boss or client once a month or quarter.

Caitlin, who has extensive experience developing, running, and measuring the results of social media campaigns, talked to us about three slides she says add to the value of a compelling, action-oriented social media report:

  • Goals slide
  • Top Influencers slide
  • Engagement slide

Social Media Report: The Goals Slide


“The most effective, illuminating social media reports focus on results and strategic actions,” says Caitlin, pointing out that it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of creating social media reports that simply “report,” leaving meaning to the audience’s imagination.

“The snapshot view is still important,” Caitlin says. “You and your boss will still want to know how many new followers, likes, and comments you gained. But you must share those numbers in the frame of results, goals, and actions.”

To determine which actions to take, first identify what kind of growth or improvements will help achieve overall business goals. Then, work backward to create your actionable social media goals.

Touching on your set goals at the start of your social media report presentation will also set a benchmark and provide context for the performance you’re about to review.

The Top Influencers Slide


The rise of the influencer is the biggest thing to hit social media since paid advertising. “In the short time since ‘influencer’ entered our lexicon, it has become its own marketing channel,” says Caitlin. “Entire roles are now dedicated to influencer management. A new company emerges every day promising to connect brands with the best influencers to help grow their business.”

Caitlin says to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the potential of influencers who are already part of your audience. “Those active, supportive influencers could provide the most organic form of social promotion since they already know and love your company enough to give you a follow,” she says.

The Engagement Slide


It’s hard to know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. That’s why including an engagement slide with a comparative bar chart and trendline is so effective.

“Compare year-over-year, quarter-over-quarter, or any comparative timeframe to show improvement and growth,” says Caitlin. “With space for notes, milestones, or talking points, the Engagement slide is a must-show in any social media report presentation.”

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