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Leveraging PowerPoint Animation: How to Swap Animated Images

So, you’re making a presentation and want it to really dazzle. 

Maybe you’ve applied some PowerPoint animation to an image or icon in your presentation. It looks awesome and works like a dream. 

But there’s a problem. After your boss sees the presentation, they want you to replace that image with another one entirely. It seems like you have to completely redo all of the animation magic on that image, wasting hours of your precious time. 

Don’t touch it just yet! You can change out an image without affecting the PowerPoint animation behind it. Nice, right? 

This is the perfect way to save time, impress your boss, and customize images or icons to your exact needs. 

Follow these 3 steps to swap out images ASAP without the headaches.

Step 1:

First, open the animation panel by going to the Animations tab at the top and clicking on the “Animation Pane” icon. The panel will open up on the right side, where you can see all the animations applied to the objects on the slide.


Step 2:

Then select the icon that you want to change.


Step 3:

Next select the Graphics Format option that appears at the top, and select Change Graphic. You can choose to swap out your graphic with the different options in the menu: image type, an online image, or a PowerPoint icon. For now, we’ll choose “From Icons.” A window will appear and you can select your new icon from there and hit Insert.


The bottom line

Notice that nothing’s changed in your animation panel. Woohoo! 

The only change you’ll need to make on your animated PowerPoint slides is formatting, like color or size.

To sum things up, don’t delete the image or icon because then you’ll have to redo your animation. Instead, simply swap out the image and save yourself some time.

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