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Legacy Users – Slideshop & Kroma Support2021-07-25T15:53:18-04:00

Support for Legacy Users

We’ve been around the block & working hard to improve Kroma (formally known as SlideShop). If you’ve been with us awhile – you have questions and we’ve got you covered.


If you didn’t hear the news, SlideShop is now Kroma!

We’re still here to help you pitch like a pro – but we kicked everything up a notch. And by everything we mean, we added millions of engaging photos and videos, polished expert-driven PowerPoint templates, higher-quality infographics, and data visualizations that will make your presentations stand out.

What is Kroma?

We’re so glad you asked! Our goal at Kroma is to provide you with expertly crafted presentations, PowerPoint templates, proposals, infographics, and data visualizations. Oh, and we now offer 20 MILLION stunning stock images and videos to Premium users through our partnership with Shutterstock. We’re dedicated to amping up our library constantly so you get the best of the best every month.

I was a SlideShop user, what do I do?

All SlideShop users were converted to Kroma users when we re-branded. You still have all the same permissions! If you want to upgrade to our latest and greatest, we suggest you visit the pricing page.

I purchased through AppSumo or Stack Commerce, what now?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You will still have the same access and permissions you originally purchased. But if you’re looking to level up, we highly recommend our Premium subscription. You’ll get access to our all-new library of 20 MILLION images and Expert Decks created by industry experts who are the best of the best in their field.

I’m a Basic, Pro or Pro+ Member, but these are no longer options. What should I do?

You still have access to what you purchased. But if you’re looking to take things up a notch and make your Kroma experience the best it can be, the premium option is now available at a monthly cost of $49/mo. Check it out!

Upgrade to Premium for $49/mo

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Any questions? We’re here to help

How does Kroma.ai turn data into useful insights?2020-10-22T17:15:24-04:00

You know those Microsoft Excel sheets and other third-party data clogging your inbox? Our platform integrates with your third-party data and transforms it into actionable, easy-on-the-eyes data visualizations. Instead of overwhelming your audience with a wall of numbers, show them a clean, simple graphic that tells the right story.

How does Kroma help me create a data-powered presentation?2021-07-21T12:43:47-04:00

If you have a lot of data, that means you’re manually pulling numbers and it’s taking for-e-ver. Between expertly-designed infographics and stream-lined creative assets, our templates will allow your numbers to stand out and tell the story you want to tell.

Why do I need data visualizations?2020-10-22T17:15:41-04:00

Nobody wants to see a PowerPoint slide full of numbers. That’s the best way to scare off your audience. Instead, use a data visualization: this infographic-style visual helps you consolidate data into high-level takeaways that people need to make decisions on your data. Put simply, a data visualization helps people connect the dots faster and actually pay attention to your presentation.

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