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Sales Strategy: How to Exceed Your Sales Quota

Sales quotes: love ’em or hate ’em, it’s super important to have a positive sales quota for your business. 

And who doesn’t want to exceed their sales quota, anyway?

If you’re trying to boost your salespeople’s quotas—or meet a sales quota of your own—follow these quick tips to boost revenue without the anxiety or frustration.

1 – Make Your Prospects Fall in Love with You.

One of the best sales books ever written is actually about dating – The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

This book teaches you to (with great artistry) persuade others to fall in love with you.

But how does this apply to sales? Salespeople are relationship-builders. The ultimate goal of sales is (non-romantic) love, trust, and adoration between company and client. Salespeople are the essential key to building that relationship, and that’s why they need to be masters of connection. 

2 – Invest the Right Time in the Right Salespeople.

If you want your people to exceed sales quotas, you need to be strategic and responsible with where you dedicate your time. Who do you coach and mentor? Do you invest time into a salesperson who doesn’t listen or really care? Or do you invest in someone who’s on the right path and wants to do better? 

We’re betting you know which is better. Invest in people who want to be better. These are the folks who are motivated and energized by their sales quota.

Invest your time in the project and sales rep that has the most potential to make the most significant improvements. You already know this. It’s all about ROI.

Your job is to ensure your sales team hits their sales quota. How you spend your time matters a great deal when there’s only one of you and there are 10 days left in the quarter and you’re behind on your sales quota.

3 – The Greatest Loss in the Sales Process is NOT the Deal.

As you’re engaging with your sales team, think about how you want them to spend their time. If you’re chasing a prospect, you’re losing your ability to be consultative.

Why? Because something has broken down in the buying process and rather than gaining insight or asking better questions, you chase. 

The greatest loss in the sales process is not the deal, it’s the trust you lose during the chase. It’s the customer who stops believing that you have their best interest in mind.

Instead—you get permission to chase. You add value at every interaction. Celebrate when a customer calls you back. Reward behavior you want to perpetuate. During their pursuit of you, ask the customer how much chasing is too much and if you’re doing the most.

Relationships are not a game. What they teach us about selling is that some level of pursuit is desired – too much is annoying, more is abuse, and even more is hostile and dangerous. Think about that before you chase.

The Bottom Line

Sales quotas make your business go ’round. As a leader, it’s your job to fire up your sales team and create the right processes that empower prospects in the process, too. Whatever you do, have empathy during this process. Remembering your clients’ and salespeople humanity is a critical part of boosting sales quotas and performance.


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