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Automated Inspiration and Big Changes: SlideShop is

Focus on the big idea


With nearly 20,000 customers and counting, SlideShop rebranded as in October 2020. It’s not just another AI platform: it’s Automated Inspiration.

By now, you’ve probably noticed our new digs. What do you think of the brilliant purple, humanized branding of, formerly known as SlideShop?

(Seriously, we’d love to know — shoot us a note over at We will all see your note, so play nice!)

A ton of things have happened in 2020 that forever changed our work culture. Not only has remote work become the standard for tens of millions of knowledge workers worldwide, but we have been globally unified around a new future of work: remote, efficient, authentic, blended teams.

So, after evaluating our place in the industry and asking our customers what they needed, our team realized a change was in order. And so, was born.

Why the change?

The team spent a lot (and we do mean a lot) of time restrategizing our brand, talking to our customers, and assessing how our content and tech could meet and exceed your expectations.

You’re seeing the outcome of nearly seven months of deliberation, market research and analysis, and deep contemplation. We’re building a company focused on helping professionals, like you, close more business, sell your ideas, and bring your data to life.

Oh, and we help you do all of this with lower costs and fewer headaches.

Curious why we made the name change? It boils down to 3 reasons.

1 – We realized the industry is going in a different direction

Okay, we’re going to be blunt: we don’t like the direction the presentation industry is heading in. With more and more tools entering the space, nobody cared about quality. The efficacy of a template didn’t matter one bit; as long as it added to the number of templates in their library, our competitors threw it in.

It’s alarming how many presentation tools are doing this and getting away with it. wanted to be there for our customers’ needs, innovating the space with better pitches, proposals, and presentations.

Kroma Logomark

We rebranded ourselves to stand out from the pack. Today, our image reflects who we really are: a helpful platform for modern professionals who need to make a point.

2 – Our customers deserve something badass

We didn’t want to be yet another player adding junk to the presentation space. There’s too much of that already.

After consulting our customers, we realized people needed an all-in-one platform that helped them make better, more persuasive presentations, faster.

Can a simple template database or dated gallery do that?

Our answer is a firm, “No way.”

The team strategized big changes to our platform to deliver value. But, as we got into the thick of product design, we realized a name like “Slideshop” sounded a little … campy? It just didn’t reflect the company we were becoming.

We’re not just a shop where you download slides. Our AI-driven platform, under development now, will learn your branding preferences, suggest creative direction, and fill in data visualizations with the tap of a button.

3 – It’s who we’ve always been

Knowing what we know about the industry and our customers, we knew SlideShop couldn’t exist in its former state. It just didn’t communicate our true value.

In many ways, is what SlideShop always wanted, and needed, to be.

We knew we weren’t like those other guys, and the branding we chose in our early days just didn’t match with what we’ve become.

Like shedding old, raggedy clothes, we’re stepping out in our new outfit, ready to tackle our subscribers’ presentation challenges with technical savvy, creativity, and a dash of personality.

What’s new?

We’re excited about our rebrand, but it’s not just a new skin. There are tons of new features we’re releasing now and in the future for you guys to enjoy. Here’s what changed and what you can expect going forward with

1 – The name

Well, this is the most obvious one, right? After much deliberation, we changed our name from SlideShop to We juggled plenty of name options before settling on, but this one feels right.

The dictionary defines “chroma” as “the purity of a color, or its freedom from white or gray; the intensity of a distinctive hue.”

We’ve transformed “chroma” into, which is the flag we’re planting across the interwebs and the world. The “.ai” is a nod to our AI platform’s machine learning features that are under development now, as well as the Automated Inspiration those features give to our subscribers. means having the freedom to pursue big dreams, chase your goals intensively, and—most importantly—stand out. In a sea of gray, is a shining beacon of purple persuasion.

2 – The brand elements

Our branding team left no stone unturned during the revamp.

  • The logo: What do you think of our fancy “K”? The logo uses a subtle gradient as a nod to our “chroma” roots that references changes between colors. The colorful dot over the “i” in “.ai” is another nod to the purpose of our new brand: serving you. The “I” stands for inspiration, which is the ultimate purpose of what we do. We’re here to inspire you to reach for greater heights, to share your big ideas, and to do both fearlessly.
  • The colors: is known for its playful brand, and that’s why we chose fun colors like purple, pink, and yellow. But playful doesn’t mean silly: we’re serious about getting results from your presentations (but we admit we’re having fun doing it).
  • The font: We wanted something professional but friendly and inviting. Sofia Bold Pro was calling our name!

3 – The plans, features, and benefits

Here’s the juicy stuff! We can’t get into too many details because many slick features are in development, but we’ve got big plans…

What you can count on now is a weekly update to our expertly structured and beautifully designed content.

That’s going to include revamped features like:

  • Access to over 1M+ images and videos.
  • 100,000 presentation tools — expert decks, templates, individual slides, infographics, icons, as well as grab and go content
  • Real-time team collaboration (for Premium accounts).
  • Grab and go content. Just slap your logo on it, download, and go. Our experts write all the content for you.
  • Premium access to expert-inspired proposals, pitches, and unique high-end images (for Premium accounts).
  • Data visualizations. We’ve already got some sweet templates and data visualizations for you. But our future rollout will use machine learning to auto-populate these bad boys with data for you. Nice, right?

Curious what’s coming down the pipeline? Log into your member portal regularly for updates and announcements.

Buckle up—it’s going to be a fun ride

Thank you for joining us during the transformation from SlideShop to Changing everything about a business in the span of a few months is far from easy. Our coffee machines definitely worked overtime to get everything up to your exacting standards.

But you know what? We wouldn’t have it any other way. is here to plant our flag and paint the world purple with our own brand of SaaS sass. Let’s put your big ideas into the world—together.

Much love,

The Team

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