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4 Tips for Startup Founders on Creating the Perfect Pitch

Get Your Startup Pitch Off the Ground

The beginning is always the hardest part. Through, for any change to have an impact, you must actually begin. If you need a starting point to create an impactful and memorable startup pitch presentation, these tips for startup founders will help you break down your pitch, get moving, and begin with a bang.

startup founder preparing pitch presentation

1. Tips for Startup Founders – Keep the Core Purpose of Your Startup Pitch in Mind

It sounds too simple to be true, right? But it is one of the most basic things to prioritize. Messaging gets muddled when you are trying to do too much and get too fancy. According to the top EU blog for startups “Purposes should be measurable by an outcome, so make sure your pitch has one that you can later measure.”

Keeping your purpose clear in your mind will help you edit out unnecessary information from making its way into your deck as well as making it easy to understand.

Everything in your pitch should be in support of the goal you are trying to achieve. Avoid information that brings up additional topics for discussion that could potentially derail you from the end goal.

2. Tips for Startup Founders – Know Your Audience

Think of your audience as a field of flowers, you can’t just take a handful of seeds, throw them into a field and hope something will grow. The seeds need the proper soil, nourishment and care. When you nurture your audience they will grow to be colorful brand enthusiasts and spread the word of your product far and wide!

This starts with research, know what audience you want to sell to. What do they care about? What do they need? How can we relate our service to those cares and needs? Then you translate that information to your pitch

Are you in a marketing or sales role? Point out how you’ve been successful and lay out your growth plan, all the while watering your seeds for a blooming field of customers!

3. Tips for Startup Founders – Use Storytelling

“Sharing your inception story begins to build credibility and sets the stage for the rest of your pitch deck.” ( Whether you come from humble beginnings or high powered experience, we all have a story to share. Explain what drives you, are you able to solve your audience’s problems with your product because you experienced it, too? The more you are able to connect your purpose to your personal story the more likely it will create a memorable experience for those you are pitching to. Everyone starts somewhere; don’t be afraid to share your start.

4. Tips for Startup Founders – A Strong Conclusion and Brave ASK

Throughout your presentation you have demonstrated your current growth, how you plan to grow in the future and your specific audience. Now is the time to wrap it up with one simple thing, the ask! What is the minimum amount you are looking to receive from the investors? How will that money be used and what growth can investors expect?

startup founder pitch presentation

Be clear and concise in your ask. It can be overwhelming and maybe even uncomfortable to ask for money. Now is not the time to falter. will always be on your side, making this as easy as possible. Use our huge stock of startup pitch presentation templates and data visualizations to illustrate your point compellingly. Look through our previous blog posts for more startup pitch advice to help you get your startup funded.

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